The future of agriculture is revolutionary and to be seriously considered - resource, nutrient and space optimising, with smaller scale growers forming larger scale agro-processing cooperatives, utilising hybrid greentech systems fed on waste. 

My work is dedicated to the mighty Forests of the Earth and to the Children of Africa

My primary objective is to see the transition of industrial food production, largely responsible for the alarming loss of biodiversity across our planet, to a regenerative, holistic ECO-LOGICAL Agriculture of the future. Recognizing the sacred in each and every species brings us to a point of respect for all life and the harmonizing of our systems with those of Nature is fundamental to this, our (r)evolution.

We DO NOT need to destroy our precious Ecosystems to grow food & produce energy. We need merely to simulate and integrate the perfect tech embedded in a seed, in a rain forest, in algae, in fungi, in bacteria, in insects & animals, all 5 Kingdoms of Nature, to "real-eyes" our birthright of Natural Abundance.

Maryna Booysen, Agroecologist, Climate Change Strategist, Plant Production Specialist & Trainer with 27 years practice in the field of Eco Agriculture.

Worked as a peer to peer facilitator for the Aspire funded Ndakana Cooperative, providing the necessary knowledge transfer & seed sharing to kickstart over 100 rural food gardens. 

Working alongside Finishes of Nature - Integrated Biogas & Algalculture Systems, in schools throughout the Eastern Cape & in the Northern Province, their combined efforts received both local & international accolades.

Worked as the technical facilitator for the UN SEED award winning Growing Power Project at the ELIDZ/DoE Community Works Program. Providing training, in all aspects of organic agriculture, for the 30 Agroecological practitioners during the 2ha Waste to Food Initiative at the vermicomposting site - East London Industrial Development Zone.  

Land Care & Planting Programs, Systems Design & Skills Transfer for both rural & urban agricultural initiatives, private eco estates & community cooperatives - Growing Power (NPC); Finishes of Nature (PtyLtd); Lima Rural Development Foundation; East London Industrial Development Zone; Philippi Economic Development Initiative; The Real Thing; Amani House, Scarab Village.

  • Land Care & Organic Crop Production.
  • Design, Drainage & Installations.
  • Training & Mentoring.
  • Biodiversity & Food Security.
  • Reforestation & Micro-climate Establishment. 

Skills Transfer Programs

TRAINING AND MENTORING is crucial to the success of the large scale role out of any agricultural program, that is to deliver a future of food security that is peoples' based, locally sustainable, environmentally friendly, carbon neutral and climate resilient. 

I.C.E. is working towards  accredited  Zero Waste Agroecological Training programs that equip the emerging small scale farmer with the knowledge of relevant bio-technologies that can improve soil fertility,  increase yields and supplement production.